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Volvo's All-Wheel Drive System is a Welcome Addition to Reading Roads

While seasonal-specific tires, safety systems, or just plain smart engineering can be a huge help when driving in Reading and Wyomissing, the all-wheel-drive system in your Volvo can boost your driving performance from just acceptable, to exceptional. And with a large variety of AWD vehicles available at Performance Volvo, you can find something that fits your needs perfectly.

How does all-wheel drive work?

AWD, as compared to simple front-wheel drive, works to distribute power to all four wheels as needed. Most systems push the large majority of power to the front wheels of the vehicle, to optimize for performance and fuel efficiency; but in the event of wheel slippage, all-wheel drive will send some percentage of torque to the effected wheel help to balance the vehicle.

This makes it an effective tool no matter the road conditions or weather.

Which Volvo Models Have AWD Systems Equipped?

The good news is that every new Volvo model offers available AWD on select trim levels; so that means whether you're looking for a sedan, wagon, or SUV, you'll still be able to enjoy the confidence of all-wheel-drive capability.

The top AWD Volvo models in Reading are:

These vehicles are very popular among local drivers, because of their solid quality, their sporty performance, and their classically stylish cabins. If you've been thinking of upgrading to a new AWD vehicle, one of these models may be an excellent place to start.

Explore the new Volvo lineup today at Performance Volvo, or visit our showroom to take a test drive and get a feel for AWD capability.