Volvo Service Department in Sinking Spring

Volvo Service Department in Sinking Spring

Now is the Time to Service Your Tires in Sinking Spring

Have you been driving on the same set of tires for a couple years? Are you noticing when you drive in the rain it's difficult to gain control of the road? You might be due for a new set of tires and Performance Volvo Cars is here to help! At our service center, we can get you started with a brand new set of tires and put them on for you. If you think you need a new set of tires, we invite you to give us a call today.

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When Should I Get New Tires?

There are three major aspects that you should consider when determining when to get new tires, tread wear, exposure to heat, and tire age. All three of these factors can tell you a lot about the wear on your vehicle.

The first thing you should check is the tread. If you have a penny, you can insert it into the grooves of your tire tread. Place President Lincoln's head pointed down. If you see the tire tread hides any part of Lincoln's head, your tires should be fine. Otherwise, it would help if you replaced your tires.

Heat is another contributing factor to tire wear. Extreme exposure to heat can cause structural changes to your tires. Even cold temperatures can affect your tires. Add any extreme temperature with rocks, potholes, or tricky road conditions, and it can wear down and damage your tires. The best way to prevent wear in extreme temperatures is to use the right tires for each season.

Finally, the last aspect you should consider when replacing tires is their overall age. Some manufacturers suggest you replace your tires every six years, at least, but it really depends on your driving habits. If you drive a lot daily, you might need to replace your tires more frequently. The same goes for if you tend to drive on the highway or typically drive on dirt roads.

Why Should I Prioritize New Tires?

Getting new tires regularly ensures that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. Your tires not only help keep you safe by gripping the road, but they also provide for better fuel efficiency. If one of your tires are worn, the others will have to work harder to keep up. By replacing your tires, you get better fuel efficiency and grip on the roads of Reading.

Where to Get New Tires and a Tire Change?

Luckily for you, at Performance Volvo Cars, we have a wide variety of tires that suit your Volvo. If you're not sure what tires your vehicle needs, you can ask one of our service technicians. They have worked on vehicles just like your own and know what it needs. Some of our customers, though, already know what tires they need on their vehicles. In which case, we encourage them to order their tires through our parts center. You can schedule a tire change on our website and we can get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Search Our Parts Center for New Tires

When you're ready, we encourage you to make theshort drive from Reading to our Volvo dealership in Sinking Spring to get yourself some new tires. One of our technicians will work with you directly to ensure that you're heard and your vehicle is taken care of. Stop by Performance Volvo Cars today to start your automotive journey! We look forward to helping you today!



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