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Understanding Brakes and Volvo Brake Service in Sinking Spring, PA

You may not realize it, but even short trips require you to use your brakes dozens of times whether it be to reduce speed for a speed limit or obey a stop sign or red light. And each time you press your brake pedal you are introducing heat and friction to contact surfaces, and raising the pressure inside brake lines and calipers. Over time, each of these brake components will require some attention, and Performance Volvo is here to make sure Reading drivers can always stop with confidence.

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Brake Pad Replacement

The most frequent brake service/repair that you’ll need from our Volvo service department is brake pad replacement, since these are the parts most responsible for actually slowing you down. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, your calipers squeeze these stationary brake pads onto the spinning brake rotor to create the friction needed to slow forward momentum. When this happens, not only does physical friction wear away at the brake pad, but that heat that is generated will accelerate the wear rate. That is why your brake pads will always be the first components of your brake system to require replacement.

The stereotypical brake squeal will let you know that your brake pads are nearing the end of their life. Make your appointment with our Volvo service center when you hear this and you’ll be able to avoid damage to other components. If you choose to ignore the initial squealing, it won’t be long until you hear a grinding noise that means you are completely out of brake pad material, and now your metal shims are causing damage to the brake rotors as well.

Brake Rotors

Each time you bring your Volvo to our dealership for any kind of service, we’ll always do a quick check of the brakes to ensure that you’ll be safe to drive until your next visit. One of the components we always check out is your brake rotor, and it’s likely that this humble disc does a lot more than you think. Sure, it bears the pressure of your brake pads as they compress to slow you down, but it is much more than a friction plate. It also has to absorb and dissipate the incredible amounts of heat generated by your brake system, and when the metal becomes too thin it can no longer do this properly. When a brake rotor is unable to dissipate enough heat, it will begin to warp. When this happens, you’ll feel a violent vibration in the vehicle when you apply pressure to the brakes, and you’ll have a noticeably longer stopping distance as well as an unusual pedal feel. All of these situations are hazardous to your safety, and it’s why we are so diligent with checking your rotors each time you pay us a visit.

Brake Fluid

Your brake fluid is one of those things that is easy to forget about, but having it flushed and replaced every so often is a great way to maintain the health of your brake system. Over time brake fluid can break down, causing a softer than normal pedal feel. You want a firm, confident pedal when you come to a stop, and ensuring you have the right brake fluid level is always important. In addition, the colder climate of our area can mean a large discrepancy in temperatures between your brake system and the outside air. When this occurs, condensation can build up inside your brake lines, causing inconsistent braking performance that can be extremely dangerous.

Brake Lines

Whether you have rubber or steel braided brake lines, nature can take its toll over time. Rubber reacts poorly to oil, so road spray will slowly cause brake lines to wear and crack. Meanwhile, steel brake lines despise the snow and salt of a Pennsylvania winter. At our Volvo service center, we’ll check the health of your brake lines as a part of our multi-point inspection in order to ensure your brake lines are always up to the task.

Brake Calipers

These are the most mechanical parts of your brake system, using a series of sliding pins and cylinders to apply and release brake pressure as you press and release the pedal. Without proper care, these components can become stuck, causing a brake pad to drag against the rotor, causing immense heat, extreme wear, and brake failure if ignored for too long. If you notice a strong chemical smell after driving for a while, it may be that you have an overheated brake pad from a stuck caliper, and our expert Volvo technicians will be here to help.

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