Many of our friends in or around Sinking Spring are in the market for a new vehicle and what better place to go than Performance Volvo Cars. It is that time of year when the kids are going back to school and you’re left with an empty nest. Wouldn’t it be fun to occupy your time that you would otherwise be missing the noise and commotion of the kiddos and put that into a new vehicle? We have a comprehensive list of new car along with several new SUVs for you to peruse on your visit to Performance Volvo Cars.

What Makes Us Worth Visiting?

We aren’t just a Volvo dealership that sells you vehicles, we are much more than that. At Performance Volvo Cars, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers through our impressive ability to serve you honesty and integrity. We make sure to always make you comfortable and feel like you’re in control of your car buying experience. When you shop with us, you will find we value your time and respect you not only as a customer but as a human being with feelings and complicated backgrounds.

If you’re looking for a Volvo dealership that consistently delivers kindness in a transparent and accurate package you’ve found the right place. We try our very best to make your car journey as simple as possible and we would never want to pressure you in any way. Basically, we have three pillars that make for such a leisurely experience with us:

  • Respect on all fronts—the person, time, and needs
  • Transparent and accurate information presented
  • Low key, no pressure selling

So, when you’re ready, we would love to show you all that we’re made of and built on, you can make the short drive from Reading and we will help you find what you need today.

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