Why Should I Lease My New Volvo Car?

Whether you've been shopping for weeks or you have just begun to look for the right new Volvo model, our Sinking Spring customers can discover how easy it is to find the right Volvo lease for your budget. Leasing is a great option for the drivers who want a brand-new Volvo XC60, XC90, or S60 every few years when the lease ends. The leasing option is also a good fit for the driver who always enjoys having the latest greatest features since you'll be upgrading your vehicle every few years.

When you lease a Volvo car, you will also have the benefit of a potentially lower monthly payment, since you're not borrowing against the full value of the vehicle. There are downsides to every option, of course, but these are minimal. They include not owning the vehicle when it's paid off, or having the freedom to customize. We encourage you to consider your budget and speak with our financing team to learn more.

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