Winter is Coming! Time to Update Your Roadside Emergency Kit!

Brilliant reds and golds light up the trees, a crisp breeze floats through the air, and people are gearing up for all sorts of activities from apple picking to ghost walks. Autumn is here, which means winter is close on its heels. Now is the perfect time to get in your Volvo vehicle and dive into some fall adventures before snow starts falling. It's also the perfect time to make some updates to your roadside emergency kit. Having the necessary items on-hand could be the difference between winter adventure and winter disaster!

What should I have in my roadside emergency kit?

Regardless of the weather, there are a number of things that are good to keep in your vehicle in case you end up stuck on the side of the road such as:

  • Jumper cables: These are essential if you want to be able to recover from a dead battery quickly. They can also be used to help other motorists in a jam!
  • Road triangles: You should have at least three of these to help warn oncoming traffic to watch out for you.
  • Foam tire sealant: This can temporarily fix a punctured tire so you can get up and going long enough to get to a point where you can make proper repairs.
  • Duct tape: The list of things that you can't patch up with duct tape is probably shorter.
  • First-aid kit: Make sure to keep it stocked with any items particular to you or your family.

How do I update my roadside emergency kit for winter?

Ideally, you want items that will help you stay safe and comfortable in warm weather and give your car a greater chance to avoid getting stuck in the snow. Consider keeping these extra items in your car:

  • Shovel
  • Scraper
  • Road salt, cat litter, or sand for improved traction
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Warm gloves, socks, and hats
  • Water and non-perishable food

It's also a good idea to bring your vehicle to Performance Volvo Cars for service before a trip to make sure your car is in good enough shape to handle the journey in winter weather. Let us know if you have any questions and be safe!

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