2018 VOLVO V90 CROSS COUNTRY in Sinking Spring, PA

 If you're looking for a good all-around car, the 2018 Volvo V90 Cross Country has it all. This sophisticated looking car will impress you with its design, performance, and safety features.

Trim Levels

The R-Design styling gives this car a stylish look. The dual integrated tailpipes are sure to impress, and the front spoiler has high-gloss black elements that give it the same dynamic look as the rest of the car. It comes with 19" wheels in Tech Matte Grey Diamond Cut and has mirror covers made from silk metal. For convenience when parking, you can pull these mirrors in with the touch of a button, or you can set them, so they'll automatically unfold or fold each time you lock or unlock the vehicle. The power-operated roof allows you to easily feel the outdoors.


The V90 Cross Country's Turbocharged engine produces 258 lb.-ft. of torque and 250 hp. Common rail direct fuel injection and low friction engine technology maximizes its efficiency and power. The turbo responds well when you're driving through the city at low and medium engine speeds. When you head out to winding roads, the low engine weight allows the car to balance and handle well. The Eco function optimizes the climate system and powertrain to decrease CO2-emissions and fuel consumption.


The Volvo V90 Cross Country has a smooth, refined ride that handles sharp turning well. It makes even rides on the toughest country roads fun and comfortable. The front wheels have aluminum double wishbone suspensions that give it balanced steering and road holding characteristics. An integral axle on the rear allows you to tune these characteristics to your enjoyment. You can switch between different drive modes to change your engine characteristics to adapt to the driving conditions or your preferences. The modes include Eco, Off-road, Comfort, Individual, and Dynamic.


The inside of the Volvo V90 Cross Country has fine leather that was created with low-impact dyeing techniques for a finish that's durable. Lacquer is used minimally to give the interior a look that's natural and will age well. Ventilation is improved in the car with perforated sections that also add contrast. The carbon fiber inlay highlights the 3-D effect of the woven filaments thanks to the semi-matte finish. This also adds richness and depth to the panels. The four-zone climate system allows everyone in the car to be comfortable all year round. There's also an air-conditioned cooling section in the glove compartment to keep food and drinks fresh.

Safety Features

There are airbags throughout the cabin, and the ones in the front change their level of inflation based on how strong the impact is. The driver's side also allows the steering column to be collapsible when the airbag goes off. When an accident does occur, the car will automatically brake to prevent further damage from being done. The City Safety features help prevent accidents at low speeds and in stop-and-go traffic.With all of these great features, the Volvo V90 Cross Country makes a great vehicle for everyone.

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